Genital affirmation surgery: Vaginoplasty

Genital affirmation surgery, also known as genital confirmation or genital reassignment surgery (or even more popularly referred to as “gender change”), can be perfomed under different techniques that allow the genitals to be adapted to the gender of the transgender person.

In transgender women, there are 3 different vaginoplasty techniques available such as penile inversion vaginoplasty, vaginoplasty by grafting and colovaginoplasty.

How do you choose the right vaginoplasty technique?

Vaginoplasty is a technique that some patients request to complete the transition process. It is not a required or a must do surgery in female transsexuality.

When a trans woman requests genital affirmation surgery or vaginoplasty, the medical team must plan the surgery carefully, considering the needs, medical history, characteristics and personal circumstances of every single woman. The team will evaluate the case by classifying it into three main techniques described below to achieve a functional and aesthetically complete vagina.

The vaginoplasty techniques are as follows:


Penile inversion vaginoplasty is performed when the size, thickness, length and quality of the penis skin allows to make a vaginal tunnel of sufficient width and size to have regular sexual intercourse.


We use this technique when the penis is small or when there has been a major circumcision prior to vaginoplasty. It is also performed when there is lack of penile development as a result of hormonal inhibitors use during the pre-puberty stage. In that case, the penile inversion technique is not recommended, as the vaginal depth would be too shallow and would not allow the trans woman to have a satisfactory intercourse.


When a trans woman does not have the right dimensions penis for a successful penile inversion, but does not require a colovaginoplasty, she can choose to have what is known as vaginoplasty with graft, which gives a vagina the right depth and dimensions without having to use the rectosigmoid flap technique.

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