Voice surgery

It is very important for trans people to identify with their own voice. At IM GENDER, in alliance with Dr Casado, we offer voice surgery and therapy to feminise or masculinise your voice according to each person’s needs.


When voice surgery is performed for gender affirmation, there are two types of surgeries: feminization, to achieve a higher pitched and feminine tone; and masculinization, to achieve a deeper tone.

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    Who can undergo voice surgery?

    Voice surgery is for those trans women or trans men who, despite having undergone a hormonal process, have not been able to change their voice to higher or lower tones, respectively.

    What is voice surgery?

    It consists of the surgical treatment of the vocal cords by inserting a metal laryngoscope through the mouth, with the aim of feminizing or masculinizing the voice.

    Is anesthesia used for the voice operation?

    Yes, this surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Generally, patients are discharged the same day or the next at the latest.


    How long does recovery take after voice surgery?

    Voice surgery, whether feminizing or masculinizing, requires absolute vocal rest for at least 7 days. It is also important not to make physical effort for approximately 3 weeks, for a complete recovery and return of the voice.

    What advice should be followed during the voice surgery postoperative period?

    During the postoperative period, it is very important to drink a lot of water, not to smoke, not to ingest alcohol, and above all, the rest of the vowels.

    Can you play sports during the voice postoperative period?

    Relative rest is recommended. That is, avoid intense physical activity such as the gym or other sports, at least during the first three weeks.

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