MTF Body Surgery

Body surgery is surgery to improve the silhouette, body contour and certain characteristics of your body so as to feel comfortable with your physical appearance.
This type of surgery, when performed on trans women, is popularly known as body feminisation surgery.

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    Who can undergo body feminization surgery?

    All those trans women who want to feminize their silhouette and body contour.

    What type of anesthesia is used?

    Local anesthesia and sedation are usually used on the patient. But this will depend on the treatment you undergo, its complexity and your personal case.

    What is the price of a MTF body surgery?

    The price of a body feminization surgery can be different depending on the case of the person. It must also be taken into account if the operation is decided to be combined with other treatments.
    A first visit is recommended to evaluate the patient’s case to make a personalized budget.

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