DIRECTO EN INSTAGRAM: 26 de junio, a las 19 h, "Hablemos de cirugía de afirmación de género" con el Dr Ivan Mañero. / 3 de julio, a las 13h, "Sexualidad después de la vaginoplastia" con la Dra. Labanca.

DIRECTO EN INSTAGRAM: 26 de junio, a las 19 h, "Hablemos de cirugía de afirmación de género" con el Dr Ivan Mañero. / 3 de julio, a las 13h, "Sexualidad después de la vaginoplastia" con la Dra. Labanca.


Frequently asked questions about vaginoplasty

These are the most frequent doubts trans people have who have thought about undergoing penile inversion vaginoplasty or colovaginoplasty (vaginoplasty by rectosigmoid transplant). If you have other doubts, please send us your query.


Does colovaginoplasty achieve the same results as the penile inversion technique?

The colovaginoplasty technique is indicated when the medical team considers that the penile inversion technique cannot achieve sufficient vaginal depth (in cases of circumcised penises, previous interventions, micro-penises, etc.). Despite its complexity and risks, very good results are obtained: a very deep, abundantly lubricated vagina.

However, it should also be borne in mind that this type of intervention carries higher risks and should only be performed in cases where the medical team deems it necessary.

Will I have sensitivity after surgery and will I be able to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse?

Following an extensive study conducted through personal patient surveys, 95% of respondents have pleasurable sexual intercourse and experience orgasm frequently in 81% of cases. Erogenous sensitivity is experienced at the clitoral, vaginal and perineal levels.

Will my vagina lubricate like any other during sex?

It does not have as abundant natural lubrication as a vagina resulting from birth. But over time, the skin lining the vagina adapts to its new, more internal position, and therefore to a higher temperature, which allows progressive epithelial changes until sufficient spontaneous secretion is achieved in 40% of cases. In cases where this secretion is not sufficient, it is usually replaced with moisturisers or intimate lubricants.

How long do I have to carry out dilations?

Dilations are a very important part of the whole treatment. Their constant and methodical practice during the first three months is strictly necessary. After this period, sexual intercourse can begin, and natural penetration is considered better than mechanical dilation.

When can I have my first penetrative sexual intercourse?

It is not advisable to have the first penetration until at least two months after the operation. It is also advisable that this first penetrative intercourse be performed with a partner who is familiar with your personal situation in order to achieve a satisfactory and painless initial intercourse.

When will I be able to play sport?

The time required will depend on the sport you wish to do: yoga, cycling and horse riding are not the same. It is preferable to consult your surgeon beforehand. At IM Gender we provide a list of the most common sports and the approximate, indicative waiting time.

Can I stop hormone treatment after surgery?

Hormone treatment is necessary for life, but the doses will be modified downwards according to post-surgery checks and your age. This modification must always be carried out under the supervision of an endocrinologist. Self-medication can put your health at risk.

Should I see a gynaecologist after surgery?

Your vagina is not exposed to the usual gynaecological pathologies. In addition, there is no uterus, ovaries, womb or cervix. It is therefore not necessary to have your vagina regularly examined by a gynaecologist. However, in the event of any symptoms, it is advisable to consult a plastic surgeon for a routine check-up.

Should I have my prostate checked?

With hormone treatment, the prostate shrinks considerably in size over a few years and in many cases eventually atrophies, so that the incidence of prostate cancer is practically zero. Apart from this, it is worthwhile having a PSA test after the age of 50.

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