Non-binary surgery 

At IM GENDER, we are a pioneering clinic specialising in non-binary surgery, and are committed to providing our patients with a high-quality experience, while respecting and understanding their identity. Our team of specialists is here to assist you at every stage of this journey. We help you to identify with your identity.


At IM GENDER we are specialists in non-binary surgery. Our mission is to help you so that your body can be a faithful reflection of your identity. For this purpose, we have access to the most advanced equipment and a team of expert specialists who work day in day out to provide you with results that will exceed your expectations.

We know that opting for non-binary surgery is a complicated decision that may be accompanied by uncertainties and many questions or queries. For this reason, right from our first contact, we offer you personalised attention, accompanying you at each phase, from the initial consultation, through to the operation and the subsequent postoperative care.

Each person is unique, and for this reason our proceedings and surgical techniques are adapted to your specificity. We are committed to remaining at your side at each stage, guaranteeing a space of safety, respect and support throughout the entire process.


    The results of gender reassignment

    At IM GENDER we understand that seeing examples of real results is essential before taking important decisions. For this reason, we invite you to explore our gallery of “before” and “after” images of patients who have undertaken gender reassignment procedures at our clinic.


    AT IM GENDER we offer a wide variety of non-binary surgery options, including vaginoplasty, facial feminisation, non-binary top surgery (breast augmentation or mastectomy), corporal feminisation, voice surgery, phalloplasty, metoidioplasty, hysterectomy, and corporal masculinisation, among others. Each option is designed to meet every individual’s needs and preferences. The following are the most popular choices:


    • Vaginoplasty: This operation consists of creating or modifying the vagina. At IM GENDER we use the most advanced techniques to achieve natural and functional results.
    • Facial surgery: Through the appropriate surgical procedures, we adapt your facial features in order to achieve an appearance that is closer to your identity. The aim is to achieve a well-balanced face that is aligned with how you feel.
    • Non-binary top surgery: Through non-binary top surgery we adapt your chest to meet your wishes and requirements, whether it be through a breast augmentation or a mastectomy, while always seeking results that will make you feel at ease with your own body.
    • Corporal surgery: We transform and adapt your corporal appearance to give you a figure that reflects your gender identity. This may include procedures such as liposuction and abdominoplasty, among others.
    • Voice surgery: Through specialised techniques, we adjust the tone and timbre of your voice, so that the latter will sound more authentic and more in line with your identity.
    • Aesthetic medicine: We offer non-surgical procedures that perfect and enhance features, such as dermal fillers and facial and/or corporal rejuvenation treatments.
    • Phalloplasty: This operation allows for the creation of a neopenis. At our clinic, we focus on achieving functional and aesthetic results that adapt to the patient’s needs.
    • Metoidioplasty: This procedure uses the existing clitoris to create a phallus, providing an intense erogenous sensitivity without the possibility of sexual relations involving penetration.
    • Hysterectomy: This involves the removal of the uterus. At IM GENDER, our specialists have a long experience of this procedure, thus guaranteeing a safe and effective operation.


    Every operation that we carry out at IM GENDER is undertaken with the greatest care and attention to detail, guaranteeing that each patient obtains the desired results.


    The postoperative phase is a crucial stage and at IM GENDER we provide you with support at all times. Respecting your surgeons’ recommendations and maintaining good standards of hygiene are vital for ensuring a satisfactory recovery.


    The recovery period may vary depending on the procedure concerned. Our medical team will be at your disposal to answer your queries, make recommendations and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.


    What is non-binary surgery?

    It concerns all those surgical procedures aimed at aligning a person’s body with their gender identity, when this identity does not strictly align with the traditionally recognised categories of “male” or “female”. Non-binary people do not identify exclusively as men or women, but may have identities that lie between both categories, outside of them, or that do not correspond to either of these definitions.

    In the context of surgeries, this means that a non-binary person might opt for procedures that don’t seek a complete “masculinisation” or “feminisation” of the body, but rather a combination that reflects their internal identity. For instance, someone might wish for a mastectomy (breast removal) without pursuing a phalloplasty (creation of a phallus).

    It’s important to note that not all non-binary individuals desire or require surgical interventions. Moreover, decisions related to surgical procedures are highly individual and should be made in collaboration with specialised health professionals, and often after a process of reflection and counselling.

    Who is it designed for?

    It is designed for those who identify as non-binary and feel that, through surgical intervention, they can feel more comfortable and aligned with their body.

    What types of binary surgeries are there?

    There are multiple procedures, including mastectomy, vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, among others. The type of operation will depend on the specific needs and wishes of the patient.

    How long does the recovery take?

    This depends on the procedure. Our team will be at your side at every stage, providing you with all the necessary information.

    IM GENDER Team

    At IM GENDER we have over 20 years of experience of attending to the needs of trans persons. Two decades of experience, professionalism, research and training provide a strong testimony to the medical and human skills of our team.

    Do you have any queries about some form of non-binary surgery? Would you like information about the price of a non-binary operation?