Trans Breast Surgery

Although hormone therapy significantly helps breast growth, in many cases it is not enough or does not turn out to be the one desired by transgender women. In these cases, a breast augmentation is recommended, also called augmentation mammoplasty.

What is trans breast surgery?

Augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation is the name given to the surgery which, thanks to the use of implants or prostheses, allows the volume of the breasts to be enlarged, while giving them more projection. Meanwhile, they are given an aesthetically beautiful shape.

Your IM GENDER plastic surgeon will study the characteristics of your thoracic anatomy, breasts, the amount of fat in the area, subcutaneous tissue and the thickness of your skin. They will can advise you on the type of prosthesis (volume, projection, shape, feel and so on) that best suits your body.

MTF Breast Augmentation Results

Knowing the before and after of breast augmentation surgery that the IM GENDER team performs can help you gain a clearer picture of the results you may attain. It helps you to see cases similar to yours and gain an idea of the final result.



Breast augmentation is a relatively short procedure, usually lasting between one and two hours. General anaesthesia is usually used.

There are 3 possible ways in which the prosthesis can be implanted:

  • The prosthesis is inserted via an incision in the armpit, which strategically hides the scar.
  • The incision is made at the border between the lower part of the areola and your skin, so the change in colour conceals the scar.
  • The incision is made in the groove under the breast, so that the scar is hidden in the crease between the breast and the chest.

Your surgeon will evaluate all the possibilities according to your characteristics and medical history before advising you on one of these options.

It is usual for drains to be inserted during the operation, which are removed after approximately 48 hours. They help to reduce inflammation and post-operative discomfort to a minimum.


When does the breast start to change after surgery?

Once the drains are removed, the patient’s recovery is much faster. After 10 days of breast augmentation surgery, the decrease in inflammation begins to be noticed. In a month, when the bands and the bra are removed, the results of the operation begin to be appreciated. Although it will not be until 6 months when the breast can be seen 100% recovered.

How should I sleep during the trans breast operation postoperative period?

You should sleep on your back for at least the first month after your chest surgery. Although it will always depend on the recovery of each patient.

What is the price of a trans breast operation surgery?

The price of a trans breast operation can be different depending on the case of the person. It must also be taken into account if the chest operation is decided to be combined with other treatments.
A first visit is recommended to assess the patient’s case to make a personalized budget.


The results

The results are excellent and can be seen immediately, although you must wait for the swelling to go down to appreciate their volume and definitive shape.

The resulting breasts look natural and aesthetically no different from those of cis women.



You must wear the band and bra 24 hours a day, even to sleep. You can only remove them for showering and for postoperative therapeutic treatment.


Before restarting your sports routine, consult with your doctor when it is appropriate to start and what type of physical activity is the most appropriate until your complete recovery.

Postoperative visits

It is very important that you do not miss any of the visits after your surgery so that the IM GENDER medical team can evaluate your progress.

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