Frequently asked questions about phalloplasty

On this page you will find the most frequent doubts and concerns that trans people who have thought about undergoing phalloplasty have. If you have other doubts, please send us your query and we will try to resolve them.

Phalloplasty surgery

What is phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty is a type of gender affirming surgery for trans men and non-binary people assigned female at birth who wish to construct a neopenis. It can also be performed for cisgender men who have lost their penis due to injury or illness.


How do I prepare for phalloplasty surgery?

Preparation involves consultations with your surgical team, psychological assessments and often a period of hormone therapy. Smoking cessation, maintaining a healthy weight and improving overall health are also important.


After phalloplasty, will I have sensitivity in my penis?

The sensitivity of the penis can be divided into two components: on the one hand, we have sensitivity to touch, heat and pain – that is, the sensitivity we have in any body part. On the other hand, we have erogenous sensitivity, specific to certain parts of the body, such as the penis or clitoris. Both sensitivities are present after phalloplasty. The first, thanks to the union of a nerve from the phallus to one of the nerves in the leg. The second, thanks to the union of a nerve from the trans man’s penis to a nerve from the clitoris.

However, this sensitivity is not present at first. You must wait for a period of approximately 6–8 months for full sensory recovery. A “learning” period is also necessary for the brain to identify the nerve stimulus as coming from the penis.


Once I have had phalloplasty surgery, will I be able to have sexual relations?

After phalloplasty, the rigidity of the trans man’s phallus does not allow penetrative sex. It is too flaccid and, while some patients report having had penetrative sex, it is not possible to maintain sexual relations. This requires a second operation to implant a penile prosthesis so as to provide the necessary rigidity.

Before proceeding with this second procedure, the patient must have regained sensation in the penis. Once this second procedure is carried out, the patient will be able to have normal intercourse.

Will I be able to receive sexual pleasure after phalloplasty?

The penis after phalloplasty has full erogenous sensitivity so that it can indeed receive sexual pleasure and reach orgasm quite normally.

After gender affirmation surgery, should I continue with hormone replacement?

Once genital surgery has been performed, you should make an appointment with your endocrinologist, who will recommend guidelines for your hormone treatment, if you wish.

Are there different types of testicular implants?

Yes, there are different sizes of testicular prostheses. The choice of which size to use will depend on a number of factors, including the elasticity of the tissues and the man’s decision.

What can I expect during the postoperative period?

Postoperative care includes managing pain, caring for surgical sites, avoiding strenuous activities and attending follow-up appointments. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions tailored to your phalloplasty surgery.

Does phalloplasty give the penis a realistic appearance?

Phalloplasty for gender affirmation aims to create a neopenis with a realistic appearance. The success in achieving this depends on the surgical technique, the skill of the surgeon, and the patient’s healing process. To improve the appearance of the phallus a series of aesthetic treatments is available after phalloplasty aimed at achieving a phallus with a more appropriate colouring and vein structures.

What is the result of phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty aims to construct a neopenis that closely resembles a cisgender male penis in appearance. The outcome depends on the surgical technique and donor site used, with common areas being the forearm, thigh or back. Post-surgery, patients can expect scarring at the donor and surgical sites, which may fade over time. 


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