DIRECTO EN INSTAGRAM: 26 de junio, a las 19 h, "Hablemos de cirugía de afirmación de género" con el Dr Ivan Mañero. / 3 de julio, a las 13h, "Sexualidad después de la vaginoplastia" con la Dra. Labanca.

DIRECTO EN INSTAGRAM: 26 de junio, a las 19 h, "Hablemos de cirugía de afirmación de género" con el Dr Ivan Mañero. / 3 de julio, a las 13h, "Sexualidad después de la vaginoplastia" con la Dra. Labanca.

The opinions of the people who are treated at IM GENDER is very important for all the members of our human team, to help us grow and improve, but above all to find out how they experience their time at our clinic. If you also want to know the testimony of the people who have undergone surgery in our Gender Unit, we invite you to meet them and discover how their experience was.

What is IM GENDER?

The Gender Unit of IM GENDER opened its doors more than twenty years ago and has become an international benchmark in Gender Affirmation Surgery, also known as gender reassignment surgery. IM GENDER has taken care of more than 3,000 trans people who have decided to carry out a surgical treatment or procedure in our Unit, whether it is a genital surgery, body surgery, facial surgery or other treatments, both surgical and aesthetic medicine.

At IM GENDER you can find a clear commitment to the most cutting-edge and solvent technology, with state-of-the-art operating rooms and the most innovative equipment in the sector. But above anything, IM GENDER is your human team. An expert and specialised team in surgeries and trans treatments, with extensive training in human rights and great empathy for the people who come to this Unit.

All of that, added to a leading and pioneering medical team at gender surgery with more than two decades of experience led by Dr. Ivan Mañero, the most recognised plastic surgeon specialised in gender affirmation surgery in Europe and even internationally. An experience that has allowed the development of techniques that improve the quality of life and the results of different surgeries.

Opinions about IM GENDER

“Since the first day I came here, it has given me peace of mind”

Carla did not have a good experience in her first gender affirmation surgery in 2016 at a clinic in Malaga. The result was a shallow vagina that caused problems in their sexual relations. Thanks to a friend who told her about IM GENDER, she was able to have surgery again and get the results she expected. She affirms that thanks to this surgical intervention she has found the “peace of mind” that she had lost.

“In some way, we all go through a transition process in life”

Ángela Ponce, Miss Universe Spain 2018, affirms that “the support of family, friends and our closest environment is very important at the end.” From IM GENDER, she affirms that she felt very well cared and treated. In addition, that surgery is an important step to “feel comfortable in our skin to be able to lead a healthy life.” However, not all trans people decide that gender surgery is going to be part of their journey or their life.

“I felt that I made the right decisions coming here”

Sophie was working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor eight years ago. It was a time in her life when she was trying to cope with feelings she didn’t understand. Externally, she worked her musculature, but internally she was breaking into pieces. One day she decided to go for a change, regardless of the opinion of the rest. Now she enjoys a new chapter of his life full of happiness. Sophie says: «it feels for the first time in my life I’m happy, it feels i’m comfortable with myself». Sophie wanted to share how her experience has been. Know his testimony in this video.

“Every day I discover new things, I feel better and it is incredible”

Sun came to IM GENDER for a FTM top surgery. The sort waiting time between the first visit and the surgery stands out. In addition, the bilateral mastectomy “is only part of the process to become how we imagine ourselves on the inside”. Now he is happy and comfortable with his body. A daily action like getting dressed, now he experiences it as “a rebirth”.

Samuel also underwent masculinisation of the thorax with a mastectomy, he affirms “it doesn’t matter if you want to go slower or faster. You decide your path”, but the important thing “is to be able to live our lives authentically”. This is his testimony:

“Now, finally, I can be me”

Both Susi and Michelle were clear that gender affirmation surgery was an important step to feel themselves. In both cases, thanks to the testimonials of other women who had visited us, they decided to take the plunge and trust IM GENDER.

Both confirm that they “have taken care of them as if they were in my house.” And now, thanks to the surgery, they can be happy and “live life as my mind always imagined.” You can see their testimony in this video.


Do you want to know more about the process or about any gender surgery? Do you want to know more opinions about IM GENDER? Book an appointment: physical or free online consultation, and we will inform you without any obligation.