FTM Testicular implants

FTM testicular implants surgery is performed on trans men who wish to undergo phalloplasty or metoidioplasty. It is a surgery with few complications and gives the scrotum a very natural appearance.

What are FTM testicular implants?

Testicular prostheses are ovoid structures that resemble the shape of an anatomical male testicle. The testicular implants are inserted by means of a surgical procedure, which can be the same operation as the gender affirmation surgery (metoidioplasty or phalloplasty), or a second surgical procedure. The decision as to when to place these prostheses will be made in each case by the surgeon and will depend on the degree of inflammation present during surgery, the number of intraoperative hours and other circumstances.

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    Results phalloplasty

    It is important that you know the results of phalloplasty surgery with a FTM testicular implant before considering an intervention. Here you can find results obtained by the IM GENDER team.


    Who can undergo testicular implant surgery?

    Any trans man who wishes to undergo phalloplasty or metoidioplasty may consider testicular prosthesis surgery. In fact, this surgery can be performed at the same time as the phalloplasty or metoidioplasty or in a second operation, depending on the surgeon’s advice and the patient’s circumstances.

    Talk to your surgeon, who will advise you on the type and size of the prostheses as well as any other aspect of the surgery. Also discuss all your doubts with the medical team so that you have clear expectations about the results.



    You will be admitted to IM CLINIC on the same day as the operation. Before the operation, the relevant monitoring will be carried out and you will not need to stay in hospital if the operation only consists of inserting the testicular prostheses.


    Testicular implant surgery

    The testicular prostheses will always be placed in the scrotal pouch recreated from the labia majora during phalloplasty or metoidioplasty through a small incision over the previous scars. The procedure usually lasts 30 minutes to an hour and is performed under general anaesthesia.


    The post-operative period after testicular prosthesis surgery

    You will be discharged the same day as the surgery. However, for the first 48 hours you will have to limit your movements as much as possible.

    Possible complications

    A member of the medical team will tell you how to avoid possible complications and what to do if they should arise. If you have any doubts or anomalies after the operation, you should consult your doctor so that he or she can diagnose and provide a solution. For this purpose, you will have a phone number available 24 hours a day, as well as a follow-up email address.

    Complications can include bleeding, infection, extrusion or displacement of the testicular prosthesis.


    The results

    The results are very satisfactory and the testicular implant achieves a good aesthetic result while trans men report significant satisfaction.


    Post-operative visits

    It is very important not to skip any post-operative visits with a member of the IM Gender team so that they can assess your progress.

    IM GENDER Team

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