Body treatments


Laser hair removal

Laser and intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal are two of our most popular body treatments. Laser and IPL hair removal both involve destroying the hair follicle below the surface of the skin using beams of pulsed light. These techniques, which do not require any type of anaesthesia, ensure that after several sessions the hair does not grow back.

Scar and stretch mark removal

Scars are the marks of old wounds affecting the dermis, while stretch marks are breaks in the skin fibres due to sudden changes in weight or size. Today we can visibly improve the appearance of affected skin using new laser techniques.

Removing varicose veins

There are different treatments for removing varicose veins, with laser and scerosis being the most recommended. These can be undertaken separately or in combination depending on what is optimal for you.

Body peeling

For smooth soft skin, you should periodically undergo a body peeling adapted to the needs of your individual skin type. IM Beauty by IM GENDER offers you mandarin, mango, green tea and many more peeling treatments, according to what your skin needs at any given moment.


Beauty rituals

Spend a moment on your inner and external beauty. Our beauty rituals bring you treatments that fill you with peace and calm while beautifying your skin.
These are treatments designed for your skin’s specific needs.

Would you like to discover all the treatments adapted to your skin that IM Beauty offers you? Request a consultation or make an appointment and you will receive a personalised study.