MTF orchiectomy

MTF orchiectomy, also known as male to female orchidectomy, is a surgical procedure performed on transgender women as a part of their gender affirmation process. This surgery involves the removal of the testicles, which drastically reduces the production of testosterone and consequently facilitates the process of feminisation.


At IM GENDER we are specialists in transgender orchiectomies and MTF bottom surgery. We understand that choosing to undergo an orchiectomy is a big decision, one that may bring up many questions and concerns. We are here to help you through this process, from the initial consultation to the postoperative care.

Every patient is unique, and so is our approach. Our team will be with you every step of the way, providing a safe, caring environment throughout your surgery.

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    Feminising surgery results

    At IM GENDER, we appreciate the importance of seeing real results before making such an important  decision. In this link, you can find before and after cases of transgender patients who have undergone feminising surgeries at our clinic. This will help you to set expectations and make a well informed decision.

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    This MTF surgery for trans women is often a crucial step in their transition process. For some, it is a necessary procedure due to discomfort or dysphoria associated with the testicles, while others might undergo it to facilitate hormonal therapy and physical feminisation.

     Some patients would opt for scrotoplasty along with bilateral orchiectomy. Scrotoplasty is the removal of the scrotum skin, which is crucial for labia majora during vaginoplasty.

     At IM GENDER, we offer comprehensive consultations to evaluate your specific needs and create a plan that ensures the best results.

    Preparation before the surgery

    Before this sex reassignment surgery, our medical team will assess your suitability for an orchiectomy, considering your health status, medical history and other factors.

     A balanced diet, abstaining from smoking and alcohol before the surgery is very important. During the consultation, all aspects of the procedure will be explained and all your questions will be answered.


    What is male to female orchiectomy?

    It is a surgical procedure performed on transgender women where testicles are removed along with their sperm cords, facilitating the feminisation process by drastically reducing testosterone production.

    What is the process of this surgery?

    This transgender genital surgery involves removing the testicles, along with their sperm cords, through an incision in the scrotum. Also, the inguinal ring is closed to prevent hernie formation. The surgery usually takes around 1 hour, and patients can often go home the same day.

    Some patients would prefer orchictomy and scrotoplasty (removal of the scrotum). You should consider that the scrotum skin is crucial for labia majora recreation in vaginoplasty.

    Will the operation leave any visible scars?

    Scarring can be different from person to person, but the incisions are usually made in a way that they are not easily noticeable.


    What is the recovery like after male to female orchiectomy?

    Postoperative care instructions provided by the IM GENDER team should be followed seriously. The surgical area may be painful for a few days, and complete healing may take a few weeks.

    Are there any side effects or risks associated with this feminisation surgery?

    As with any surgical procedure, potential risks include infection, bleeding and reaction to anaesthesia. Our team at IM GENDER will discuss these risks with you in detail and provide guidance on how to prevent them.

    When can I return to normal activities?

    Usually, patients can return to work and their daily activities within a week or two of the procedure, avoiding strenuous physical activity.



    Keep the surgical area clean and dry. Your surgeon will provide detailed instructions on how to care for the surgical site.


    If you have any questions or concerns following your MTF surgery, do not hesitate to contact our medical team at IM GENDER.


    Follow the postoperative instructions provided by your surgeon to ensure optimal results and a smooth recovery process.


    Postoperative visits are crucial for monitoring your progress, providing personalised care and addressing any issues or concerns that might arise.

    IM GENDER Team

    IM GENDER’s medical and human team has been dedicated to the specialized care of trans people for more than 20 years. Two decades adding experience, professionalism, research and training.

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