FTM bottom surgery

FTM bottom surgery is a key step for transgender men in reshaping their bodies to match their gender identity. This surgery focuses on creating male genitalia, ensuring that one’s physical features are harmonised with their male identity.


At our clinic we know that phalloplasty is a big decision that can bring up many feelings and questions. That is why we are here to adapt our services to your needs and support you through each step, from your initial consultation to recovery.

Our team of plastic surgeons will help you ensuring that you are comfortable and secure throughout the process.

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    FTM bottom surgery results

    At IM GENDER, we understand the significance of seeing real results of transgender phalloplasty to make an informed decision. Here, you can see cases of individuals who have undergone the surgery at our clinic.


    For many transgender men, phalloplasty surgery is a crucial and empowering step. Our medical team carefully assesses each case considering overall health and medical history and discusses all available options for the procedure.

    Getting ready for phalloplasty

    Adequate preparation is as important as aftercare. This includes blood tests, managing your diet, and possibly hormonal therapy. Our team at IM GENDER will provide guidance on necessary preparations.


    What is FTM bottom surgery?

    It is a surgical procedure performed on transgender men to create male genitalia. The goal of this surgery is to align the individual’s physical characteristics with their gender identity. There are different techniques involved, including the construction of a neopenis and the creation of a scrotum. At IM GENDER, we ensure that our patients receive the utmost care and support throughout this process.

    How long does the FTM Bottom Surgery take?

    This sex reassignment surgery usually takes several hours, and you will be asleep under general anaesthesia. It is important to understand that female to male bottom surgery might involve multiple stages and procedures, and each stage may have its own duration.

    Do I need to stay in the hospital after the surgery?

    Yes, a hospital stay is usually required after this surgery. The length of the hospital stay can vary depending on the procedures performed and how quickly you are recovering. Typically, patients are required to stay in the hospital for a few days to a week. This allows the medical team to monitor your recovery closely and manage any pain or complications that might arise during your gender affirmation surgery.

    Is it possible to have an erogenous sensation in the new genitalia?

    Yes, it is possible for patients to have sensation in the new genitalia after this transgender genital surgery. There are different surgical options for FTM bottom surgery, including metoidioplasty and phalloplasty, each with its own advantages concerning sensation.

    • Metoidioplasty involves releasing and altering the clitoris, which has been enlarged through hormone therapy, to form a small phallus. Because the clitoris is already a sensate structure, many patients who undergo metoidioplasty experience good tactile and erotic sensation.
    • Phalloplasty is the process of constructing a penis using tissue from another part of the body, such as the forearm. Nerve connections are made during surgery, and while phalloplasty can provide tactile sensation, achieving erotic sensation can be more variable. Our surgeons connect a nerve from the clitoris to a nerve in the new penis and also keep the clitoris itself tucked under the new penis, with the aim of achieving the highest level of erotic sensation.

    It is important to note that the return of sensation may take time, often several months, and can vary from person to person. At IM GENDER, our skilled surgeons use advanced techniques aimed at optimising the potential for sensation in the new genitalia.


    What should I expect after the surgery?

    After this FTM surgery you may feel discomfort and swelling in the area. You will receive medication for pain, and the medical team will monitor your healing process closely.

    How long is the recovery process?

    Full recovery can take several weeks to months. It is important to rest, avoid heavy lifting, and follow the medical team’s instructions.

    What if I have concerns or questions after the surgery?

    If you have any worries or queries following the surgery, it is essential to not hesitate in reaching out to us at IM GENDER. Our dedicated team is here to offer you support and address any concerns that you might have. We understand that the post surgery period can be a time of adjustment, and it is vital that you feel supported and have a clear understanding of the recovery process.



    After the surgery, you can return to a regular diet but it is important that it is rich in fibre to prevent constipation. If necessary, a laxative may be taken.

    Urinary catheter

    You will likely need to use a urinary catheter for 4 to 6 weeks which should be attached to a urine collection bag. Remember to alternate the leg to which the catheter is attached daily.


    Ensure that you maintain relative rest. This means you can take short walks but avoid any strenuous activity and do not put too much strain on your legs.


    If a microsurgical flap technique was part of your surgery, it is important to keep the wrist of the arm that provided the donor tissue elevated and to wear a compression garment.


    Make sure to follow the medical team’s advice regarding which activities and sports to steer clear of during your full recovery.


    Attending all postoperative visits is crucial. The care for your wounds will be customised based on your specific case and the techniques used during surgery. 

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