Jaw feminization surgery

Feminization of the lower third of the face tends to focus particularly on the jaw and chin. The jaw is another key point of facial feminization as it is an important feature of sexual dimorphism. Softening it and giving it smoother, rounder contours is the key to good feminization.

Procedure offered in collaboration with Facialteam.

What is Jaw feminization surgery?

The male jaw is squarer, larger and more vertical than the female jaw. Our jaw feminization technique aims to round and soften the angles of your jaw, reducing the distance between your chin and lip so as to achieve natural, feminine proportions. Jaw reshaping surgery is performed inside the mouth so as to leave no visible scars.

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    Facial Feminization results

    Knowing the before and after of facial feminization surgery that the IM GENDER team performs can help you gain a clearer picture of the results you may attain. It helps you to see cases similar to yours and gain an idea of the final result.

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    Before surgery

    The male jaw has features that characterize and differentiate it from the female jaw (see section C of the illustration). It is larger, with sharper rear angles while it is squarer in the chin area. Furthermore, the male jaw measures a greater vertical distance between the chin and lower lip. In the female jaw this distance is more similar to that of a child’s jaw.

    IM GENDER’s medical team will carry out an anatomical, aesthetic study of your jaw and chin so as to design personalized surgery suited to your needs, seeking a harmonious end result.

    Diferencias entre cráneo masculino y femenino


    The operation

    Feminizing your jaw (see section C of the illustration) is performed surgically using an intraoral approach. So no external, visible scars remain. Only in certain cases, as a consequence of the patient’s specific anatomy will a small additional external incision be required so as to achieve optimal results.

    The mandibular angle is then removed from the inside of the mouth using ultrasound devices. This technology allows high-precision cuts to be made without affecting adjacent tissues. The masticatory muscle – responsible for chewing and probably the human body’s most powerful muscle – is inserted in this area. Therefore, care must be taken not to impair its function. In fact, the technique used to feminize your jaw does not affect either the teeth or the occlusion of the jaw.

    The jaw is also trimmed using piezoelectric or ultrasound technology, which allows the bone to be cut without damaging the soft tissue, nerves or noble tissue.

    During surgery, the IM GENDER team can also correct your chin.

    Always follow your medical team’s advice to ensure your recovery from facelift surgery is faster and easier.

    Usually resorbable sutures are used so that they do not need to be removed.

    For the first few days you will have to follow a soft diet. You should wear a chin guard for the first few weeks. Sleep with your head elevated.


    The results

    After the surgery you will be able to see the results, although you will have to wait a few days until the swelling starts to go down to check them in more detail. The final result of your jaw reshaping will be much more evident after a few months once recovery is complete.



    Get relative rest for the first few days. Avoid lifting weights and squat down by lowering your head before your body.


    After jaw feminization surgery, it is recommended that you follow a soft diet for the first seven days.


    It is very important you do not miss any visits after your surgery so that the IM GENDER medical team can evaluate your progress.

    IM GENDER team

    At IM GENDER we have been specialising in the care of transgender people for more than 20 years. Two decades of experience, professionalism, research and training endorse our medical team.

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