DIRECTO EN INSTAGRAM: 26 de junio, a las 19 h, "Hablemos de cirugía de afirmación de género" con el Dr Ivan Mañero. / 3 de julio, a las 13h, "Sexualidad después de la vaginoplastia" con la Dra. Labanca.

DIRECTO EN INSTAGRAM: 26 de junio, a las 19 h, "Hablemos de cirugía de afirmación de género" con el Dr Ivan Mañero. / 3 de julio, a las 13h, "Sexualidad después de la vaginoplastia" con la Dra. Labanca.


Feminizing facelift

One of the procedures enabling your face to be modelled and thus imbue it with more feminine features is a facelift or rhytidectomy. This also helps eliminate facial wrinkles, giving your face a youthful, clear complexion.

Procedure offered in collaboration with Facialteam.


A feminizing facelift or rhytidectomy is a procedure designed to lift and tighten facial and cervical skin in order to reduce folds and wrinkles. In trans women, this technique can also be used to reshape your face, giving you more feminine features.

A facelift usually treats the skin of your neck, chin, cheeks, periocular and temporal regions. Sometimes other surgeries such as feminizing your forehead, eyebrows or eyelids may be included in the procedure to give you a far more rejuvenated look.

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    Facial Feminization results

    Knowing the before and after of facial feminization surgery that the IM GENDER team performs can help you gain a clearer picture of the results you may attain. It helps you to see cases similar to yours and gain an idea of the final result.

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    Before surgery

    A facelift requires different techniques depending whether it is performed on a male or female face, since the features and structures are different. Your plastic surgeon should have a thorough knowledge of these differences so as to achieve a natural, harmonious result.

    So the feminizing facelift technique can be used not only to rejuvenate a trans woman’s features, but also to attain more feminine features. This technique refines your features, lengthens your face and seeks to create volumes that are typical of the female face.

    It can also be undertaken along with the technique of lipotransfer and/or lipofilling to achieve optimal results.


    The operation

    In a feminizing facelift, both the technique used and the plastic surgeon’s artistic ability play a decisive role in achieving the desired results.

    The exact placement of incisions and the various surgical steps vary according to each face’s structure and needs. The surgeon’s goal will be to reposition muscle layers, skin and fat to best represent feminine features. So among other aspects, they must consider the eye’s almond shape, how to lengthen the eye region or tighten the cheekbones, which is far superior to an exclusive rejuvenating facelift.

    Typically, an incision is made in the temple area (behind the hairline) which may extend into the natural lines existing in the ear and continue around the earlobe, behind the ear and scalp. The scars are thus perfectly camouflaged. When your neck requires special treatment, an incision is made just under the chin.
    Depending on the needs in each case, surgery usually lasts from three to five hours. It is performed under a general anaesthetic and may require one to two nights in hospital.


    A feminizing facelift usually causes little discomfort. It is normal for certain areas of your skin to feel numb after surgery, but this sensation will disappear in a few weeks. For the ensuing few days you should keep your head elevated to help reduce the swelling.

    Although you will feel fine after two days, it is best to rest for the first week. At around ten to 14 days you will be able to return to work. The scars are hidden and will become virtually unnoticeable after a short time.


    The results

    Around ten to 15 days after surgery you will gain an idea of your final appearance. The results are highly satisfactory and long-lasting, achieving a rejuvenated, feminine appearance.



    Stick to relative rest for the first few days, during which time you may also feel a little more tired. Avoid lifting weights and squat down by lowering your head before your body.


    Avoid sunbathing for a few months. The eyelids have a tendency to swell. It is recommended you rest with your head elevated and apply cold to your entire face for 15 minutes every hour.


    You may shower and wash your hair after being discharged from hospital. Keep your wounds dry and dry your hair thoroughly. It is best to apply air (cold, never hot) using a hairdryer.


    For the first few days we recommend following a soft diet, reducing your intake of salt and bitter substances, as well as foods that can be difficult to chew after the intervention.


    Follow all your doctor’s advice before undertaking any kind of physical activity. Do not engage in contact sports until instructed to do so by your surgeon to garantee a full recovery.


    It is very important that you do not miss any visits after your surgery so that the IM GENDER medical team can evaluate and have a control of your progress.

    IM GENDER team

    At IM GENDER we have been specialising in the care of transgender people for more than 20 years. Two decades of experience, professionalism, research and training endorse our medical team.

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