Buttock augmentation

Male and female bodies have different gluteal areas, both in shape and volume. While men prefer more muscular, defined buttocks, women prefer them rounder and smoother. The surgery that enables reshaping this area is buttock augmentation.

What is buttock augmentation surgery?

Hormone treatment can give trans women more harmonious curves, but in some cases the final shape of their buttocks does not meet their expectations or satisfy them. Plastic surgery offers women the chance to augment their buttocks, giving them more volume or – for women who have less developed buttocks – reshaping the contour of their buttock area.

This body feminization surgery can be carried out via an implant or through a mixed technique, combining implants with autologous fat. The latter means fat from the patient’s own body, achieved using liposculpture, which involves remodelling other areas such as the waist or abdomen, achieving optimum results.

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    Buttock  augmentation results

    Seeing before and after buttock augmentation performed at IM GENDER can offer you a clearer idea of the results you may achieve and give you a better idea of the final result.


    The preparations

    Your surgeon will need to analyse the quality of your skin, your complexion and other factors to be able to advise you on the most appropriate technique for your case. It is important that you explain what your expectations are, so that he can give you his advice and explain the final results you can expect.

    There are three basic techniques for increasing the size of your buttocks: surgery with implants, using the patient’s own fat (also known as lipofilling or lipotransfer) or a combination of both. That is what we call the mixed technique.

    The choice of technique will depend on each individual’s needs, their sheip, their build, the amount of fat in their body contour, their medical history and so on.


    Augmentation using implants

    If you are very thin and do not have enough body fat, your surgeon will probably refer you for buttock augmentation with implants. Through this technique you can give your buttocks greater volume and projection, as well as reshaping them if they are too flat, asymmetrical or poorly defined.

    Buttock implants can be placed above, inside or behind the muscle. At IM GENDER, we prefer always to place them behind the muscle because the final result is more natural. It also avoids other disadvantages, such as your buttock shape slipping down.

    To perform this surgery with implants, a small incision is made in the intergluteal area, where your buttocks join, through which the implant is inserted beneath your buttock muscle. Thus the resulting small scar can be strategically hidden with a small thong. A pocket is then created inside the gluteus maximus and the implant is inserted there. Buttock prostheses are harder and more compact than breast prostheses because they have to withstand more stress.

    This is a relatively short procedure, lasting between one and two hours. It is usually performed under spinal or epidural anaesthesia, but this will depend on each case and whether or not it is combined with other surgery. After your surgery, you will have to sleep on your stomach for a week. In about ten days you will be able to return to work, as long as you do not exert yourself physically.

    Augmentation using fat

    Lipotransfer or lipofilling is a surgical technique that allows fat to be removed from one part of your body and transferred to another. The fat is extracted from other areas of the patient’s own body by means of liposculpture, which will also help to harmonise their body contour. Once the fat is purified and enriched, it is injected into the gluteal area to give it a more beautiful shape.

    In this buttock augmentation technique, the scars are barely a few millimetres long, just what is needed to introduce the fat using a cannula.

    In this case, recovery is very fast. The risk of partial and random reabsorption of the injected fat exists, so sometimes the process must be repeated. However, once the fat is in place, the results are permanent.

    Mixed technique

    The mixed technique combines the use of implants with using autologous fat. The mixed technique allows us to harmonise shapes and volumes, achieving very good results.

    In the mixed technique, the buttock implant gives your buttocks projection, while fat infiltration, performed at a more superficial level provides the necessary volume. It gives a beautiful, natural shape because it is able to improve lateral areas where buttock implants do not reach.


    The results

    In all these techniques, the results are visible from the first day, although they will not be definitive. The patient must wait until the swelling goes down to check both the shape and final volume. The scars are concealed in the creases of your body and after a few months become invisible.


    In what position should I sleep in the postoperative period?

    You will need to sleep on your stomach for the first two weeks after buttock surgery. It is important to avoid sleeping on your back or side.

    Should a girdle be worn?

    After three or four weeks, a special girdle must be worn. You will also wear drains for the first few hours after buttock surgery. The stitches will be removed 5 days after surgery.

    Is it possible to play sports?

    Physical exercise involving the affected area should be avoided for at least five to six weeks, as well as receiving injections in the gluteal area. You can return to daily life after about 10 days, as long as it does not involve physical effort.


    Will I need to wear drains after my augmentation surgery?

    It depends on each case. Sometimes drains are necessary to improve the elimination of liquids and recovery.

    Is there a scar after buttock surgery?

    The incision is made just in the intergluteal fold, and its location makes the scar very hidden. So the scar in that place is practically imperceptible.

    Is there a risk of infection?

    No, the incidence of infection is minimal if the surgery is performed by experienced plastic surgeons in a licensed operating room prepared to perform operations.



    You will need to rest for 7 days after surgery. And, if you have an implant, you will have to sleep on your stomach for the first two weeks.


    Check with your doctor when it is appropriate to start and what type of physical activity is most suitable until you fully recover.


    It is very important you do not miss any visits after your surgery so that the IM GENDER medical team can evaluate your progress.

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