Many people desire fuller, more defined lips. Lip augmentation and lip contouring gives a more voluptuous, sensual mouth.


Lip augmentation and lip contouring is an aesthetic medicine technique that consists of increasing the volume of the lips and giving them a more pronounced contour (lip contouring) by introducing a filler product.

The most common technique is the use of hyaluronic acid which is introduced through a microinjection and a very small, fine needle that does not cause pain or leave any scars. This treatment is carried out at an authorised clinic by an experienced aesthetic doctor.


Lip augmentation treatment

Lip augmentation is an aesthetic medicine treatment that lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. It can be performed under topical anaesthesia, depending on the patient and the preferences of the aesthetic doctor performing the treatment.

 Recovery is practically straight away and the results can be seen at once. Though it should be taken into account that the immediate effect is not definitive, as the lips will be somewhat swollen as a result of the procedure. After a couple of days, you will better appreciate the final results of your lip augmentation.

Hyaluronic acid is a resorbable filler; that means it is not permanent. The results can last between six months and a year.

Some trans women also request lip contouring to give the entire mouth a more voluptuous appearance. This treatment is very similar to augmentation and is usually done during the same session.



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