What is gender identity? Why is it not correct to talk about sex change? What is the difference between gender and sex? Is gender expression the same as sexual orientation? What is transsexuality? And a trans person?

These are some of the questions that many people ask themselves, especially parents and teachers. Knowing the terms well and using them appropriately, allows us to get an idea of how broad and diverse humanity is. But also, walk the path of complete inclusion of all manifestations, identities and expressions of gender and sexual orientation, to be able to talk about it naturally and with knowledge.

A gender infographic to share

At IM Gender, we have created a small infographic where, in a very summarized way, we try to explain some terms associated with gender and its expression in different fields. We invite you to download it and, if you are a teacher, to discuss it with your students.

Speaking in a safe and understanding space gives us the ability to understand better those around us and ourselves.

You can download the infographic here.

If you have more questions about what phalloplasty involves, make an appointment with the IM GENDER team and we will inform you.