Breast augmentation in transgender women is one of the most performed gender body surgeries. And, it is that sometimes, the hormones are not enough to get the chest we want. On these occasions, augmentation mammoplasty may be the solution to achieve greater volume and projection of the breasts.

However, we must bear in mind that knowing and using the specific surgical technique in breast augmentation for transgender women is essential to achieve the best results.

Breast operation in transgender women

Augmentation mammoplasty in trans women is one of the most demanded body feminization surgeries. This surgery seeks to achieve a greater volume of the breasts, as well as to confer a greater projection to the chest of a trans woman. But always looking for natural results and in harmony with the woman’s body contour.

Although the technique may be very similar to that carried out in breast augmentation for cis women, the requirements and the initial approach are different, and a great artistic ability of the surgeon is essential to achieve natural results. For this reason, it is important to rely on a specialized surgical team if we are looking for beautiful and natural results.

“Sometimes women come to IM GENDER operated on in other non-specialized centers that have not achieved the expected result as they did not know the peculiarities of breast augmentation in trans women. Sometimes, the breasts have an excessively artificial appearance or are far apart, for example”, explains Dr. Ivan Mañero, director of IM GENDER who has specialized in breast augmentation for trans women for more than 20 years.

What does breast augmentation consist in trans women?

Although, as we have said, the surgery will be technically very similar to augmentation mammoplasty in a cis woman, the choice and position of the implant is of vital importance, as well as the assessment of the position of the areolas.

Resultados aumento de pecho en mujeres transgéneroIn breast augmentation in trans women, the most common way is to place the prosthesis through an incision in the armpit, thus strategically hiding the scar.

There are two other possible access routes: the first one, in which the incision is made on the border between the lower part of the areola and the skin. So that the scar will be concealed with the change in colour of the area. And, the second one, in which the incision is made in the groove under the breast, so that the scar is hidden in the crease between the breast and the chest.

Regardless of the route used, IM GENDER chooses to place the implant behind the muscle to achieve a more natural and attractive appearance.

It is a relatively short procedure, between one and an hour and a half in the operating room. At IM GENDER we carry it out under general anesthesia and the woman usually spends only one night in hospital, being discharged from the hospital the day after surgery. Already in the surgery, a specific bra and a pectoral band were placed which must be worn for a month or as prescribed by the surgeon.

Position of the areolas

In trans women, the position of the areolas is more external than in cis women. This means that if we place the implant centrally in the area of the areolas following standard breast augmentation techniques, the result will be a lateralized prosthesis. Which translates into very separate breasts and a too wide space between both breasts.

To avoid this, you must do breast pockets closer to the sternum to design a nice neckline. In this way, the result is breast more natural and together.

Choosing the right prosthesis for trans women

Another important aspect is the choice of implants. To achieve the best result, it is essential to carry out a personalized study of the woman’s body harmony, but also of her lifestyle, her expectations and her desires in terms of volume. Only in this way can the volume and projection of the prosthesis be properly chosen.

prótesis en el aumento de pecho trans

But there are other factors that we must also take into account in the case of breast augmentation in trans women. On many occasions, the trans woman has a wider rib cage than the cis woman. For this reason, we must choose prosthesis that can fill both the lateral and medial parts of the thorax.

This means that we must opt for wider base implants. This will allow a filling of the entire thorax, achieving a harmonic, natural and very feminine appearance.

If, on the other hand, a narrower implant is chosen and, therefore, with greater projection, the final result will be that of excessively round and separated breasts. We will have an unnatural neckline.

When are the results of breast augmentation appreciated?

The results of breast augmentation in transgender women are immediately visible. Although, it should take into consideration that during the first few months it is normal for the breast to be swollen and it does not allow us to appreciate the volume or projection that they will finally have.

Once the chest recovers from the intervention, in three to six months, the breasts will look natural and proportional to the rest of the body.


If you have more questions, make an appointment with the IM GENDER team and we will inform you.