Frequently asked questions about mastectomy

These are the most frequent doubts in trans people who have considered undergoing a bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy with the intention of giving their chest an appearance more similar to what is commonly understood as masculine. If you have other doubts, please send us your query.


Is hormonal pre-treatment necessary to undergo a mastectomy for chest masculinisation?

Hormone treatment does not significantly affect breast size if the breasts are developed. Hormone treatment prior to surgery is therefore not essential.

Can I get breast cancer if I have undergone chest masculinisation?

After masculinisation of the thorax, which is performed on trans people, the risk of breast cancer is practically nil, as the procedure involves the removal of the entire breast gland. However, very specific cases of breast cancer have been described in mastectomised patients (subcutaneous mastectomy), as only a very small percentage of breast gland remnants remain after the operation. Therefore, self-examination and consultation with your surgeon is advisable in the event of any tumour in the breast or axillary area.

Will I have to wear any special clothing after mastectomy or chest masculinisation?

Yes, it is advisable to wear a compression garment for about four weeks.

After the subcutaneous mastectomy, thorax masculinisation, when will I be able to return to sport?

It will usually be necessary to wait approximately one month before starting to practise sports or making efforts such as lifting weights. However, it is essential always to follow the surgeon’s advice.


If I were to stop taking hormones by medical prescription or through my own decision, how would it affect this surgery?

Before abandoning your hormone treatment you should talk to your endocrinologist who will inform you of the risks, as if there are still traces of mammary gland after the operation you could have an enlargement of the gland. DO NOT QUIT YOUR TREATMENT WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH YOUR ENDOCRINOLOGIST. It is important for your health.

Do you have further questions about mastectomy surgery or any other procedure?

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